FALL 2012

Grist for the Mill

Notable Edibles
 Real and Wholesome  Farming
By Lori Duivenvoorden
 Recipes for Fall
By Candace Byrne
By Janae Lloyd with Joey Haney
 Feed a Village
By Minnie Sagar
By Candace Byrne

Source Guide

Detail of Seed #1 by painter Neil Harvey. The full painting (on this page) is one of Harvey’s SEED series series on display until September 21 at the
Shasta College Art Gallery in an exhibit called “Art, Activism, and the Change of Seeds,” which includes works by artists David Eisenhour and Kathryn Miller.
   Host of the radio series The Bioneers on KCHO/KFPR Fridays at 10:30 am, Neil Harvey is also an artist from
Hyampom. Says 
Harvey: “I confess that I try to avoid the news about [the GMO issue] because it pains me so, but therein lies one power of art and art making. In the studio I have a place to take these difficult issues and meet them in a joyful creative act. Some kind of healing or renewal happens. My spirits are lifted, courage restored, and I can return to face the challenges of the world with a full heart.”
   The exhibit’s curatorial statement describes Harvey’s vision as reflecting how seeds, though so very small,
carry remarkable power and potential.
“The plants and trees around us are testament to the success of individual seeds dating back thousands of years.
And aren’t we also testament to the seeds planted and grown in the watery wombs of our ancestral mothers? Seed
ideas, seed influences, seed syllables point to the core of things. And today,
life as we know it is threatened by engineered interventions at the seed
level. This threat and the call to find a path into our core questions are part
of Neil’s personal exploration into the beauty of seeds.”

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