Spring 2013 Table of Contents

Grist for the Mill

Why I Make Cheese
By Caroleah Johnson
The Savory Spoon
Coffee Cupped: Northbound
Coffee Roasters By Earl Bloor
Edible Reads: Cook. Real Food. From Scratch.
Review by Kristina Sepetys

Cooking Fresh: Recipes for Spring

Edible Events
Eat right ! Eat right now! Motto and Meaning at Bacio To-Go
By Candace Byrne
A Sense of Place: Spring Forth
By Lori Duivenvoorden

Source Guide

North State Farmers’ Markets

On the cover: Amanda Leveroni shops the Saturday Chico Farmers’ Market for Bacio catering and Bacio To-Go ingredients
(Photo by Candace Byrne)
This Page: Freshly brewed coffee from Northbound Coffee Roasters
(Photo by Earl Bloor)