Enter Country Organics new Marketplace on Bechelli Lane in Redding, and immediately spy the long counter of Roots Organic Juice Bar nestled like a gem inside. Friends Ricky Rothman and Blake Seabrook have seduced a growing and dedicated following since the two young men began selling Roots’ organic juices in Redding. The curtain opened on their business during Redding’s Kool April Nights, when Ricky, meeting little independent interest in the product, forced himself on sidewalks full of the event’s attendees, pushing a tray of juices. He met willing drinkers. By June Ricky and Blake were selling out all they brought to the Redding Saturday and Sunday farmers’ markets.

The juices’ apt and fun names like The Sunrise (proportionately four carrots to two apples to ½ a lemon), Unbeetable (beets, kale, carrots, apple, and ginger), and Mean Green (3/4 kale and the rest apple, cucumber, lemon, and ginger), attract customers; drinking the juices has created faithful customers who have followed the duo to their new location and brought along friends. Those waiting in front of the newly housed juice bar relish the juices. Some spoke of switching from a mid-morning coffee break to a mid-morning juice break, enjoying the same pick-me-up but feeling much better for it. Others had already in the business’s short life claimed particular juices as their own. One boy who looked about ten years old asked for double the lemon in his Sunrise and got it.

The location inside of Country Organics Marketplace allows for such customizing. While Ricky and Blake pre-juice what they offer at the Redding Saturday Farmers’ Market (no electricity on site), in the store the two young men use Country Organics’ plentiful organic produce to juice on-demand. Customers ask to leave the apple out of the Unbeetable or otherwise customize, drawing from anything at all in the Marketplace’s stock of organic fruits and vegetables. Roots’ Facebook page announces new developments like a customized stainless steel work space, the addition of a second Nutrifaster commercial juicer as more customers discover the juice bar, and the possibility to add spirulina to fresh juices (now that the duo have perfected proportions). Their Facebook page also announces new concoctions of the month; November’s starred sweet potato.


Ricky and Blake have come a long way in a short time. Ricky tells the story of how he was introduced to juicing just a year ago by friend Mariiah Zoll and her family. An instant convert—part of Mariiah’s influence to a healthier lifestyle—Ricky wanted fresh juices for all of Redding and roped childhood friend Blake into the business. Perhaps customers respond to the motto frequently posted on their Facebook page—also the title of this piece. Or it could be that customers appreciate immediate access to fresh and various organic fruits and vegetables allowed by Roots’ association with Country Organics. Or perhaps customers value that the pulp from the Nutrafaster commercial juicer goes directly to Country Organics’ owners’ goats or onto the compost at Country Organics’ farmer-supplier Lee Churulich’s Garden Grove Organic Farm.

Whatever the draw, when so many customers mention switching allegiance from other local juicers, clearly much works at Roots Organic Juice Bar.

Roots Organic Juice Bar

Inside Country Organics Marketplace

2745 Bechelli Lane, Redding

Sunday noon-6 pm; Monday through Friday 8am-6 pm (closed Saturday)

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